Silverfish love the humidity and are known as a nocturnal insect. They tend to avoid light and inhabit moist areas. Their abdomens taper at the end, giving them a fish-like apprearance and resembles the movement of a fish. In urban areas Silverfish can be found in bathroom vanities, sinks, kitchen cabinets, showers, etc…  Silverfish consume book bindings, carpet, clothing, glue, some paints, paper, photos, plaster and even products like coffee and sugar. They have been know to damage wallpaper to get to the paste.

Coolum Pest Control can treat for Silverfish. We understand Silverfish behaviour and know what treatments to use. In order to treat properly, their feeding behaviour should be understood.  Insecticide application is required for Silverfish control and elimination.

There are some measures you can take to help control your Silverfish problem. Examples:

  1. Reduce clutter in your home.
  2. Insecticide applications. (ring your pest manager)
  3. Inspect and get rid of food sources.
  4. Fix any plumbing problems, leaky pipes, etc…
  5. Check water condensation areas and invest in a dehumidifier if recommended.
  6. Inspect any furniture and boxes brought into your home. Inspect items in storage, especially boxes.
  7. Place old books, papers, cardboard boxes in plastic containers.
  8. Seal up holes and cracks around doors and windows.
  9. Regularly vacuum cracks and crevices.
  10. Keep you bathrooms, kitchen areas and laundry dry and clean.
  11. Store you pantry items in tight containers.    

Coolum Pest Control offer a 6 month satisfaction warranty with Silverfish treatments.

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