About Nicky

The Pest Control Industry was not something Nicky really thought of until her husband Jay decided that working with creepy crawlies was something he was very passionate about and decided that this was the career path he was going to take. After watching Jay work for another pest control company and teaching pest control at Tafe in Melbourne for many years, Nicky soon realised that with Jay’s passion and knowledge of insect biology there was a huge potential to be starting their own company.

“There was no doubt that I knew we could be successful. Jay and I moved up from Victoria to Sunshine Coast for a lifestyle change and to make a better life for our three children. In hindsight, we were probably in over our heads at the time starting a pest control business in the Sunshine Coast when there was already over 200 registered pest controllers here. The way I looked at it was if the Sunshine Coast had the most registered pest controllers than any other state in Australia, there must be a demand for it. We did not want to buy into an established business but start our own from scratch. We wanted our own reputation and good will. I knew we could be successful as I never doubted Jay’s expertise. It was easy for me to market our business as I knew my husband had a reputation of being one of the most highly respected pest managers within the industry. I believed in him and looked up to him in so many ways with his work ethics. I’m still in awe of his knowledge especially on termites and black ants. He is a very clever man and I’m very proud to be in partnership with him with this business. “

Talking to customers is one of the most important activities in Nicky’s day. Working on the front side of the business means having great people skills. Nicky’s beliefs in great communication skills has managed to build up trustworthy relationships with other business’s including the majority of real estates and body corporate’s  on the Sunny Coast. Nicky’s drive in making her Pest Control business successful has made her the heart of the business. Clients love to know who they are talking to on the phone and feel important when dealing directly with the owner.



#Australian Building Management Accreditation – Strata Mastery

#Pest Management for Support Staff – Level 2

#Bedbug Management Certified

#TimberSecure Certified

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