Coolum Pest Control have trained technicians for the treatment/removal of bees and wasps. 

European Honey Bees can be found in wall voids in our home as it makes a perfect location for hive sites. This swarm seeks out a suitable location to build a new hive, especially in urban and woodland areas. Honey Bees will aggressively defend their nest. Most Honey Bee stings cause intense local pain and swelling. If the victim is allergic to bee venom, the sting may cause more general symptoms or even more serious, can cause difficulty in breathing. If you find a swarm of Bees, do not approach it. Ring Coolum Pest Control or contact a local beekeeper. 

The two most common wasps up here in Qld are Paper Wasps and Mud Dauber Wasps.

Paper wasps live in urban and woodland areas. Paper Wasps can deliver a painful sting. They normally only attack if their nest is disturbed or they feel threatened. Nest can be found in sheltered areas, such as the eaves of your house, branches of a tree, on the end of an open pipe, or even on a clothesline. It is important to identify the insect before determining what control is necessary. 

Mud Dauber Wasps live in urban and woodland areas and build their nests with pellets of mud in sheltered locations. Mud Daubers are solitary wasps. You will often see their nests attached to buildings or under eaves of houses. They can deliver a painful sting, but attacks are not common. They are not know to be aggressive. An ice pack normally relieves the pain of the sting but if there evidence of an allergic reaction, medical attention should be sought. Control is not really necessary but we are happy to come and treat/remove the nest for you.

Coolum Pest Control do not recommend the homeowner to treat or remove bees/wasps yourself. Please seek a professional to identify.

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