Coolum Pest Control can help you with your cockroach problem. Cockroaches are one of the most common pests infesting your home, food establishments, schools, warehouses, offices and storage areas. To most of us they are repulsive and we don’t like their presence. They are capable of carrying and passing on diseases such as bacteria which can cause food poisoning. Recently, cockroaches have been found to be the cause of allergies in some people. Cockroaches contaminate food and eating utensils and even occasionally damaging fabric and paper products. They can leave stains on surfaces and can produce unpleasant odours when in large numbers.

Once cockroaches become established they are prolific breeders capable of producing several thousand offspring per year. They prefer to live near food, warmth and moisture. Coolum Beach’s sub tropical weather is perfect for cockroaches. Unlike most other household pests, cockroaches are prevalent all year round, causing homeowners to eventually seek some form of pest pest control.

It is not easy to manage cockroaches. Coolum Pest Control specialise in cockroach management. We first determine where the cockraoches are located and what species we are dealing with. Our baits are highly effective but if cockroaches have access to stored food products, if pet food is left out, or dirty dishes left in sinks overnight, our method of control will have a limited effect. It is important to remember that insecticide sprays alone will not eliminate your cockroach problem. One of the successful methods of managing a cockroach infestation is applying an integrated approach. Example:

  1. Reduce your food and water sources around the home.
  2. Clean your house thoroughly.
  3. Clean up crumbs and sticky spots, vacuum cracks and crevices to remove food and debris.
  4. Eliminate hiding places.
  5. Avoid using sprays if possible.
  6. Take out the garbage daily.
  7. Eliminate plumbing leaks.
  8. Increase ventilation where condensation is a problem.

Coolum Pest Control offer a 6 month satisfaction warranty with cockroach treatments. (This does not include German Cockroaches) 

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