About Jay

Unlike most pest controllers who start in this industry by accident, it was inevitable that Jay would find his niche as a pest controller. With a bachelor of science degree in Biological Sciences and a passion for all things creepy crawly  Jay initially began his career ironically breeding “bugs” for the pet trade. The very successful  Minibeasts Enterprises (owned and operated by Jay and his wife Nicky)bred and supplied spiders, scorpions, leaf insects, crickets, cockroaches, maggots, mealworms and even snails to pet shops all over South Eastern Australia. During this time Jay earned himself the nickname “the Scorpion Man) and even had a new tarantula species named in his recognition of its discovery.

It was a chance meeting with a local pest controller that lured Jay and his knowledge of insect biology into the pest control trade. Jay then not only completed his certificate III in urban pest management at Northern Melbourne Institute of Technology, but completed it with the highest score ever and was subsequently commissioned to pass on this knowledge through sessional teaching at the Tafe. After several years working for a few very well respected large pest control firms and completing numerous trade qualifications including accreditations for installing several physical and chemical termite barriers and vertebrate pest management. Over time Jay felt that these companies lacked the personal service and consistency that he could offer clients on his own.

Jay’s attitude towards pest control is bit different from that of most “pesties”. Often asked if he likes spiders so much then why is he a pest controller? He quickly replies with “you have to understand your quarry before you can hunt your quarry! For instance if a client had a problem with redback spiders, residual surface sprays aren’t as effective as space sprays or dusts which penetrate those upturned hiding spots that redbacks favor. The spiders we (pest controllers) treat for are household spiders which we have created an artificial environment ideally suited for them. We build structures perfect for them to construct webs on and we leave lights on which attracts plenty of prey for them. As a pest controller I tip the balance back in favor of natural sized populations.”


#Bachelor of Biological Sciences & Entomology

#Certificate ll in Vertebrate Pest Management

#Certificate lll in Pest Management & Termites

#Certificate lV in Training & Assessment

#Australian Building Management Accreditation – Strata Mastery

#Master Builders – Business Management Course

#Accredited Camilleri Underslab Injection Systems

#Accredited Report Writing for Timber Inspectors

#Accredited Exterra Termite Interception & Baiting Systems

#Termatrac Certified – The world’s no.1 termite detector

#Accredited Termidor Applicator

#Accredited Termidor HE Applicator

#Accredited Sentricon Always Active Baiting Systems

#Accredited Term-seal Applicator

#Accredited TERMX Replenishment Systems


#QBBC – Contractor Licence

#QBBC – Nominee Supervisor Licence

#Qld Health – Pest Management Technician Licence

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