Coolum Pest Control specialise in ants. Our treatment is effective. Our pest managers have been trained by a qualified biologist and entomologist so they understand the behaviour of ants. Understanding their behaviour gives us the best ant control. Identifying which type of ant you have is helpful to the success of the treatment. Coolum Beach is a sub tropical climate and we are going to get ANTS! 

Ants live in colonies and are a social insects. They will enter your home foraging for food or to seek shelter. Once they find a food source, ants will leave a pheromone trail for other ants to follow. Some ants will establish a colony inside. Coolum Pest Control recommend an internal and external treatment when treating for ants.

Coolum Pest Control not only treat for ants but will recommend what needs to be done for future prevention. Example:

  1. Trim tress, branches and palm fronds back from your home.
  2. Move stored wood away from the structure of the home.
  3. Eliminate wood and soil contact.
  4. If moisture problems are detected, such as leaky roofs and plumbing, get it fixed.
  5. Seal or paint wood contruction before it come wet.
  6. Do not leave crumbs or food around eating and food preparation areas.

Coolum Pest Control offers a 6 month satisfaction warranty with a full internal/external ant treatment.

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